Mickey Mouse Crochet Hat Pattern

il_570xN.303540747I have finally finished writing out my original pattern to create this Mickey Mouse Earflap Hat!

Page 1

It is a crochet pattern made for the intermediate/expert level. No matter your skill level, you will be able to create this hat following the 5-page, step-by-step pattern that includes photos and templates.

Page 5

It also includes directions on how to make this hat in a Toddler size or a Teen/Adult size! I post a lot of free crafting patterns on my blog but this pattern is so near and dear to me that I just can’t give it away for free.


I literally made it from scratch! I get tons of “awwwwws” when Spencer wears his hat out and about!


If you crochet, check out this affordable pattern in my Etsy shop:


Are you a member of RAVELRY? The pattern is available there as well, just type “Mickey Mouse Earflap Hat” in the search bar to find the affordable pattern. Ravelry is the way to go if you want the pattern the second you pay for it! The pattern becomes available once payment is completed whereas with Etsy, once the payment is completed, I am sent an email. Sometimes I’m at the computer and can send it right away but most times I am not. I do send the pattern via email within 24 hours but again, Ravelry gives the pattern instantly to you. The cost is the same at either site.

UPDATE: It’s really hard when you create something and put hours and hours into it to come up with a fair selling price. Designing a crochet pattern from scratch is no walk in the park and when you actually write the pattern out and in my case, include many directional photos, it turns into a massive project! I put hours upon hours creating this pattern and although $8 to me is a reasonable price for a one-of-a-kind pattern, it really makes more sense to sell it for less. It took me a while to realize the hard work is done and from here on out, I can sell the pattern several times over. So after the hubby talked some business sense into me, I have lowered the price to an unbelievably, reasonable price! The pattern is now available for only $6.00 on Etsy and Ravelry! Sorry, any prior purchases are not refundable. So I hope folks try this pattern out, I have received a lot of positive feedback for this awesome Mickey Mouse Hat!


Check out these photos below

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5 thoughts on “Mickey Mouse Crochet Hat Pattern

    • Hi Sarah! Thank you for your interest in my Mickey Mouse Hat pattern. I don’t see where it was purchased from Etsy or Ravelry? Hoping you bought the right one :) If you need help on any part of the pattern, be sure to send me an email to the address found on page 5 of the pattern. I’ll be glad to help!

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    • Natalie, I spent weeks writing that pattern; not only writing the pattern but also taking and professionally editing several step-by-step photos. I made this hat 5 times in the process of writing the pattern to ensure the stitching and all the counts were accurate. My selling price is comparable to other patterns for sale on Ravelry and Etsy. I am guessing you have not attempted to write a pattern or you wouldn’t be so heartless. Best wishes in finding another pattern as extensively written as this one. Better yet, create a Mickey Mouse Hat pattern yourself if you are capable. I hope that you find peace with your negativity versus spewing it onto other’s blogs. There’s really not much more I can or care to say about your comment.

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