Happy Birthday America!

The 4th of July is one of our favorite holidays! Celebrating our freedom is something the Pack family goes all out for! This year, we decorated Spencer’s wagon with 2 flags ($1 each), a patriotic garland ($1) and some computer printouts (total cost $3 thanks to the dollar store)! Spencer loved his wagon do-over!

Turns out our puppy, Piko, loved the wagon too!

We again wore our Captain America tie-dye shirts! By now, our friends quickly can find us just from our shirts! We love making family shirts at the beginning of summer that we each wear to summer events like fairs, picnics and amusement parks. It’s a fun way to show our family unity and actually serves as a safety measure. If in the unfortunate event one of our kids wanders off, we can quickly identify what they are wearing…we just point to our shirts! I was able to keep cool (thanks to the portable fan from Bed, Bath & Beyond)!

Spencer enjoyed some daddy time as they walked around town before the parade started!

There is nothing like a hometown parade! It’s fun for the kids to walk in the parade and I know for us, we are proud to see our kids out there representing their school and the sports they play! Our high school band looked and sounded fantastic!

This year, our oldest son, Steve, didn’t march with the band but walked with his football team! Yes, he does both in the fall…his schedule (and by default ours) is super hectic getting to practices and games!

The fireworks were fantastic and after the week we were having, it was just nice to stop and celebrate the moment. We really enjoy gathering with our family and friends for the fireworks!

We planned ahead this year and bought our glow sticks, bracelets and even a glow stick sword at the dollar store for only $1 each. Sure beats the $5 vendors were charging for just one glow item! It’s really hard to say no to your kids when they are begging for a glow stick (because secretly, you want one too)! We had enough to share with all of our family and friends! The Pack family is grateful for our freedom, hope you are too! Happy 4th folks!


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