Lemon Chicken

There are hundreds of variations of lemon chicken online. Some with fresh lemons, some with white wine and many with tons of different ingredients. Sorry folks, the Pack household is all about keeping it real! We use what we have on hand and our goals is always to keep it simple and the number of ingredients low! That is is why our Lemon Chicken is one of our favorite family meals! It is easy and the chicken is moist with a little crunch and packed full of flavor!

*Printable Recipe: Lemon Chicken


  • Tones Lemon Pepper Blend Spice

  • 1 pkg of boneless, skinless chicken breasts (approx. 2-3 lbs)

  • 1 cup flour

  • Butter-flavored Oil (we get ours at GFS, aka Gordon Food Service, it is gallon-sized and costs around $10. It will last a long time and anytime you need to fry something, you can’t go wrong with adding a butter flavor to it…try in on fried eggs, yummy!)

How’s that for simple?! It is a total of 4 ingredients! The star ingredient of course is the Tones Lemon Pepper Blend Spice; it truly makes the meal what it is!


Clean and cut your chicken into chicken strips. Sprinkle the Tones Lemon Pepper Blend Spice onto both sides of the chicken. How much? It is not a light sprinkle or heavy sprinkle, somewhere in the middle as you can see from the picture below.

Pour enough of the butter-flavored oil into a chicken fryer pan; enough to coat the bottom (1/4″ deep). Heat oil up at medium heat. While oil is heating up, pour approximate 1 cup of flour in a shallow & wide bowl. Add 1-2 tablespoons of the Tones Lemon Pepper Spice into the flour and stir it up.Once oil is heated up, dredge the seasoned chicken into the flour. There isn’t an egg wash prior to the dredging, the flour is to give the chicken just a little crunch without taking away from the chicken.

Carefully place the dredged chicken strip into the chicken fryer. Be careful! If your oil is too hot, it could splatter. Optionally, you can use tongs for this. Ignore the hubby’s big ol’ hand in the pic, lol!

Pan fry the chicken for approximately 3-5 minutes on each side; you know it is time to flip when the chicken is golden in color. Once fully cooked, remove from oil onto a serving plate.

To ensure you are cooking the chicken long enough, fry the largest piece first paying attention to the time it fried on both sides. Place the largest piece of chicken on a platter and slice. If the juices run clear, you have achieved the right cooking time! Then of course, you can’t serve a cut up piece of chicken, that is just not refined! So gobble that piece down to hide the evidence!

There you have it, our simple recipe for Lemon Chicken! Super easy and less than 20 minutes to make! Your family will think you spent hours seasoning this dish with extravagant ingredients!  This is where you splash some flour on your apron, tussle your hair up and add a slice of fresh lemon for garnish! Your family will shower you with affection for all the effort you put into your super moist and flavor packed Lemon Chicken! Your secret is safe with us! Enjoy!


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