I Challenge You

I try really hard to post daily to keep my wonderful followers interested…it really is my goal but woah! Life gets in the way of that sometimes, lol! But, that’s a REALLY good thing, it means I am out and about making new memories! This past weekend was no exception! The Pack pack completed one of our yearly adventures, the Ohio State Fair! Today’s post is not about a craft project or some tasty meal, it’s about random acts of kindness. No matter your background, your age, your sex, your race or any other sociocultural stratification, giving and loving are universal concepts! I have a story to share with you about the fair this year . . .

One of our guilty pleasures is the TV show, Lizard Lick. Steve actually will DVR it and we will watch several episodes in a row when we find time to watch TV. It is extremely funny and entertaining. The stars of the show are so down-to-Earth, like they could be your next door neighbors. This year, there was a Lizard Lick booth at the fair! I saw it when I first got to the fair and made a mental note to get Steve a Lizard Lick shirt. We finally got around to their booth around 9:45 PM. It took me almost an hour to convince the hubby to get a shirt. Steve doesn’t like to spend any money on himself…he literally loathes it. He would rather spend any extra money on our children, but I finally was able to talk him into getting one. He picked out this cool orange one and I attempted to give the gentleman my debit card. He immediately said, “Sorry, our card machine is down.” He then directed us to the nearest ATM. As we walked away, I knew that Steve wasn’t going to go pull cash out. I know in his mind it was a sign to not spend money, lol. I was really bummed because I wanted Steve to get a Lizard Lick shirt. Steve is just an amazing husband and superb father to our two boys and I just wanted to spoil him just a little bit. We weren’t but 30 feet away from the booth and I hear the gentleman from the booth hollering. He catches up with us and hands me the shirt Steve had originally picked out. Then he said, “Compliments of Lizard Lick”! How awesome is that!?! We were just in awe of this incredibly random act of kindness!

So I challenge those who follow my blog to do something special today. I challenge you to perform at least one Random Act of Kindness. Do something totally unexpected for no other reason but to “just be doing it”! Make today special for someone else! There is so much truth in the statement, “tis better to give than to receive”. It can be as simple as letting that car who has been patiently waiting, merge in front of you. Buy the total stranger behind you a cup of coffee. Actually take the time to fill out a comment card with only positive comments. Greet your mailman today with a bottle of water so they are a little more hydrated in this heat. Pick up the tab for fast food from the car behind you. These are simple ideas that I promise will make someone else feel special and blessed! I guarantee your random act of kindness will be reciprocated in the very near future! When you give with no expectations, you truly do open your heart to more blessings!

It’s Monday folks, I hope each of you have a very blessed week! I will have more recipes and craft ideas to post this week, so stay tuned! 


2 thoughts on “I Challenge You

  1. I am just reading this today but want to share how Amazing my fiend Kathy Pack is…..I believe she needs credit for her “random act of kindness”. Kathy and her husband spent hours helping out our high school cheerleaders prepare to compete at the Ohio State Fair! Kathy is constantly doing random acts of kidness and pay it forward is the way she lives. Anyone who knows Kathy is fortunate!

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