Best Taco Dip Ever!

We have created this amazing taco dip! It incorporates over 14 spices to create a unique, unmistakably taco flavor! I am SO kidding, lol! But your family and you will swear it the Best Taco Dip Ever! Your family and friends will think you worked tirelessly creating this spicy, yet cool dip. Again, your secret is safe with me! You will be kicking yourself when you see it takes 2 ingredients to make this, ok, 3 if you add the tortilla chips, lol. Trust me, you will LOVE, L-O-V-E, LOVE this dip! So here goes . . .


  •  16 oz sour cream (you could certainly use light or fat-free sour cream)

  • 1 pkg of taco seasoning (any brand you usually use when making tacos)



Are you laughing yet? When my mother-in-law gave me this recipe, I kind of was skeptical. Once I made it, we couldn’t believe how good it was! It is a staple in our fridge and a side dish anytime we make tacos in our home. Our oldest son actually dollops it directly onto his taco versus using regular ol’ sour cream. Oh, guess I haven’t actually typed the “directions” yet, lol, so here goes . . .

Find a plastic container slighter larger than your sour cream container. You do need the extra room to really mix this dip up. I put half of the sour cream in the bigger container. I dump the whole package of taco seasoning dip on top. With a fork, vigorously mix up the sour cream and seasoning. Once thoroughly combined. Add the remainder of the sour cream. Again with your fork, vigorously mix your dip till thoroughly combined and smooth. It helps to use a translucent container because you can easily see where more stirring is needed. Store in the fridge (if you actually have any leftover, lol). This dip will last as long as the expiration date on your original sour cream container. Stick a tortilla chip in there my friend and be ready to have your mind blown! It really is that good!


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