Cruiser Pride Nails

We are entering into football season! This is one of our favorite seasons because 1: it is Buckeye Football Time and 2: it is Cruiser Football Time! I decided to do my nails showing my Cruiser pride! Granted, my hand is not as steady as it was when I was younger, but you get the gist of the design. I still need to clean up the extra nail polish around the cuticle but I was in a rush when I painted my nails, lol!


My mother was a licensed cosmetologist back in the Philippines. I can remember this design of hers from way back then. She often used this design using two colors: white and a dark red. It really only works well with a white background and I needed to get the black and red (Cruiser colors) incorporated into the design. I decided to add black to the larger squiggle and red for the half bubble.

 First, paint your nails white. Allow to dry completely.


Next free-hand the black design. It is easier to paint the edge of the black design (an elongated “S” pattern) and then fill in the rest. I usually start in the lower right corner of the nail bed and make the elongated “S” shape toward the top center of the nail (see picture). So it is sort of drawing an “S” backwards, hope that makes sense.

 Next, paint the red half bubble in the top cure of the “S”. Allow both the red and black to dry completely. Add a clear coat to even out the paint edges. Tadah, simple design but it really is dramatic!

I of course am frugal and used the cheapo nail polish (cost $1.99 for each color). The nail polish was thick and gunky (those who do nails know that “gunky” is a real word, lol). I used an old trick my mom taught me to make the polish more user-friendly. Add a small amount of nail polish remover to the nail polish bottle (I’m talking 2-3 drops), replace the brush lid and give it a good shake. Tadah, your nail polish is thinner and smoother making it easier to paint with!



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