Organizing Photos

Anyone that knows me knows that I take pictures. Lots of pictures. Lots and lots and lots of pictures of everything! I found this blog through Pinterest and was awe-struck by her organization. Will I ever reach this level of organization? Probably not, lol. I have always said I was a “closet neat freak” and one day I would find the courage to come out of the closet and clean house. I’ve yet to find the courage, lol! But, my “mess” is organized chaos . . . I know where everything is. So today’s post is about how I am Organizing Photos!

I have sooo many pictures! Tons, I believe that is an understatement. I have a Coca Cola wooden crate full of pictures. Pictures that are all jumbled up and mixed up. I keep telling myself I will buy photo albums and organize the mess. There has to be at least 700 photos in that bin. See the toddler pictures in the crate? I’d love to tell you it is of our 3-year-old, Spencer…but no, it is of our almost 16-year-old, Steve Jr., from when he was a toddler, lol! I really need to get those pics organized.

Side note: Spencer pilfers through my picture crate all the time and when he pulls a baby picture of Steve Jr. out, he proudly holds it up and yells, “Me!” He doesn’t believe any of us when we tell him it is his bubby and not him. Yep, no denying these two are brothers, they look identical! They are just 12.5 years apart in age, lol!

Then I have photos, thousands of photos I’ve yet to even print saved on my computer, flash drives and discs. I mean THOUSANDS! On average I take around 400 pictures at every game my son plays in and he is super active at his high school. Damn digital, makes it so easy to click, click, click and click! Then I can’t handle the guilt of deleting any possible memories so I just have digital pictures everywhere. I should add I don’t take 400 pictures of just my son, lol! I take pictures of all the players, the coaches and the fans. Then they are shared in a Facebook group for other parents/guardians and players to view and download for themselves. Then I have my “other” sons and daughters, children that have grown up with my son and who I claim as my own as well. I have to take pictures of  them in all their activities. I am thankful that in our community that most parents recognize that it takes a village to raise a child. We all look after all of the children around here. I am the “unofficial” team photographer, lol. I have to tell you, last baseball season I didn’t even use my camera. I used my good friend, Beth’s, ultra-magnificent DSLR camera! Talk about AMAZING cameras! I just love her Nikon D7000! I pretend it is my camera and it is being stored at Beth’s house, lol! I have pretty much begged the hubby up and down, left and right, and backwards that our next major purchase be a DSLR . . . I think I may have him convinced OR he is tired of hearing me whine about it, lol!


I love having a digital camera and quite honestly, most pictures I share are through social medias (like Facebook, Instagram or my blog even). I don’t even print pictures anymore unless I know I am printing it to be placed in a frame. But I still do love holding a picture in my hand. What to do with all those photos? If I took them, then they meant something. Well the blog I shared earlier inspired me to get a little more organized.


She uses a photo book website, to organize her photos. If you have never made a photo book, what are you waiting for?! For what you get, the price is really affordable! I’ve made a few photo books and have never been disappointed by the final product.


For a quick fix, I turn to Walgreens. Their online photo shop makes it so easy. You pick a book design and upload your photos. You can use their standard template for each page and have your photos automatically placed into the template. Or you can get creative and choose your page layouts and upload pictures individually to each photo spot. This is how I like to do it. I can choose to have one large photo or several smaller photos added to each page. I can choose how the pictures are arranged and what the background design would be. It is fun a process! I made a book of Steve Jr.’s baseball season this past spring and total cost was just under $20.


As you can see, Walgreens makes a great photo book! What is really nice is that several Walgreens in our area have same day service meaning you create your book and can pick it up in a few hours! I do like the themes they have and their baseball theme was perfect since it was red, black and white in color (Cruiser colors). I like that the cover has a cut out to show the first page’s picture. I am still putting together the football pictures from last season and am a bit saddened that their football themed pages are blue and gold (major taboo here in the Buckeye state, lol). So that’s the drawback. The book above is a hardback book. As you can see, this week photo books are 20% off! Walgreens always has great online deals in their photo department!

Recently, I took the pictures from Spencer’s first, second and third birthday parties and put them all in a book. I loved the end product! I don’t have to worry about pictures fading or falling out of an album. The colors are crisp and the design so cute! I used Picaboo to make the book for an affordable price. It was just under $20 with my Groupon coupon (this included shipping)! As you can see, Picaboo is offering 65% off right now for their classic photo books! I love the hardback cover and that you can add designs and pictures to the front cover, back cover and even the seam!


I have decided that starting this year, all the pictures I take that I normally would have printed in years past, I would instead add them all to a photo book. If you knew how many photos I take, this is a daunting task! I tackle this by doing it increments. Many photo websites allow you to create your pages offline and then upload the finished product; Blurb is one of these sites. So I am using Blurb for my first yearly photo book. I like Blurb because you can create it off-line and save your project as you go. You can come back and add to it whenever you want. So throughout the year, I have been adding pages to my book. I also like that Blurb allows for captions. I intend for my first page to include a bullet list of the major Pack Family’s events of the year.

At Christmas time, I will finish the book and it will be a Christmas gift for myself. I don’t ever get myself anything. I think in all fairness, it is a gift for our whole family. A book filled with memories of that year. For a book with 400 pages (again you can have anywhere between 1 picture to a dozen or so pictures on each page depending on the template you choose) it will cost me about $150.00. That to me is cheap considering our photos are priceless! It is no secret that I have PH. I am acutely aware I am on borrowed time. I purposely plan and make sure everyday is a memory. It is for my husband and my children. I want there to be so many memories that maybe, just maybe, it will decrease their pain once I am gone. This is especially important for Spencer. He is in every way, our miracle child. There’s no way around it, he will have less time with his mommy than the hubby or his older brother, Steve Jr. So I make sure Spencer knows all the time how much his mommy loves him and these photo books will serve as a permanent reminder of this! Then one day, our children will share their photo books with their children. To the Packs, family is everything! Our grandchildren will see that our family is super special! Check out this lady’s blog on how she organizes her photos. She certainly inspired me! I can’t say I will ever get to that level of organization but I certainly will be creating my own yearly photo books. I love how she uses a family picture for the cover, just awesome! Every year you will be able to see how everyone has grown and changed. I’m thinking we will have to do the same! Then maybe, someday, I’ll get those photos in the Coca Cola tray organized and into photo albums, lol! But today, I just plan on taking more photos and making more memories, house work can wait . . .

my children can’t!


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