Doing My Part

Yes, I have limitations. Yes, my list of limitations grows longer as each year passes by. BUT I still can make a difference! It doesn’t take much! Find your strengths and put it to use! Help out your child’s school, the local humane society or hospital. I can’t work the concessions stand. I can’t canvas a neighborhood but I still can help! I offered to make a lapghan for every home football game with proceeds going toward the Moms Club. The Moms Club is behind the scenes making sure the kids get their Friday night meals, that the kids have an awesome end of season banquet and much, much more! Tonight was the first home game, a pre-season game and at half-time, the crocheted lapghan I made was raffled off. It was a huge success! I am feeling good that little ol’ broken me can still make a difference! I challenge you to do the same! I can’t post the pattern because it’s not an original of mine, but here’s a link for the Ombre Stripe Lapghan! The lapghan worked up fairly quickly and turned out really nice! Find your passion and make the world a better place!


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