Doing My Part II ~ Drop in the Pond

This lapghan went up for raffle at the season opener last night at the GMHS football game! I have to say this pattern is absolutely stunning! It is called Drop in the Pond. I have to admit though, the directions are difficult to follow and I mostly used the picture found before the directions to guide me through this. If you are pretty good at deciphering crochet patterns, I strongly suggest giving this one a try! For one, it is just gorgeous and it works up super fast! It is basically a modified granny square pattern! This is lapghan #2 donated to the Football Moms Club; 4 more to go! The Moms Club raffles off my lapghans and all of the proceeds goes toward the hidden costs that keeps the football program going! Like I said before, even broken me can make a difference! Hope you are making a difference somewhere in your part of the world! Find your strengths and put it to good use helping someone or something! Again, this is not my pattern so I can’t post it directly into my blog but I sure can provide a link on where you can find it: Drop in the Pond Pattern. Have a GREAT weekend folks!


4 thoughts on “Doing My Part II ~ Drop in the Pond

  1. wow great job, I love the little baby outfits, they are so cute.. thank you for the idea as a couple of my friends all had babies within the last couple of months and now there are 2 more, my 2 younger cousins, who are in the army and navy, there wives are now also pregnant.. if you have any ideas of how to make army n navy outfits, like you did with the fireman or football ones and would like to share, I would be greatly appreciated..

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