Fruit Flies Be Gone!

The best thing about summer is that fresh fruit is abundant! The worst part about summer, so are the fruit flies! Those tiny flying varmints wreak havoc so fast. You see one and then a half hour later you have dozen more. I think they mate, lay eggs and hatch all within minutes! They are so hard to get rid of so I turned to the source for all things true for a fix, Pinterest, lol. Pinterest had several ideas and we tried almost all of them without success. But, then we tried the Mason Jar trick and it worked, unfortunately, the directions weren’t very clear! I must have things really detailed, it’s just the nurse in me I guess, lol. So below are detailed instructions on how to create your Mason Jar Fruit Fly Trap.

Take an empty mason jar and fill it with about 1/2 inch of apple cider vinegar. Drop a ripe piece of banana into the jar. Take a piece of paper and make a funnel out of it. The small end needs to be no more than 1/2 inch wide and the wider end has to be wide enough that it touches the top edge of the mason jar. This takes several tries to get the right funnel shape. It works best if you roll your funnel in the landscape position (long side). Tape your funnel together on the outside and drop the small end into the jar. The small end should hover just above the piece of banana but does not touch it. Tape the funnel to the top of the jar (on the outside) creating a seal. Use several pieces of tape to accomplish this. This is hard to see since we used masking tape but look at the threads of the mason jar, you can see the tape that secures the funnel to the jar.

Put your mason jar fruit fly trap next to your fresh fruit. Then yell in your most evil voice, “Fruit Flies Be Gone!” Ok, you don’t have to yell but it makes me feel better, lol. The fruit flies all fly down and crawl into the jar but for whatever reason, can’t figure out how to get back out, lol. The try their darndest to get out by crawling up the outside of the funnel (which is still inside the jar) but because you taped the jar to the funnel, they are just stuck. After you have caught all the flies in sight. Take the jar outside, untape & remove the funnel and set the buggers free. This is not only an effective way to get rid of fruit flies but actually a very humane one.

I hope you have been able to avoid a fruit fly infestation but just in case you got one like we did (thanks to the over-ripe bananas) set this trap up and you will be pleased with the results. Will it get all of them on the first try? No. Don’t think so but it will get the majority. Once you have released the flies caught, set your trap up again. After a few days of repeating this process, those varmints should be gone. They were for us! Good luck!


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