Gradient Glitter Nails

After a few weeks of eye-catching nail art, I decided to go back to subtle. Went to the dollar store and found these two amazing nail polish colors for only $1 each! The brand was L.A. Colors/Color Craze Nail Polish. The bottles did not have the name of the colors on it anywhere but the following numbers were on the bottom: BCC659 and BCC652. One is a nude color and the other has tiny, shimmery and translucent glitter in clear nail polish. It really turned out nice and no matter how many pictures I take, it just won’t capture the simple beauty of it all because the colors are so neutral. But, you can get an idea from the pictures how pretty this is. When the light catches the glitter, there is just enough of a sparkle without going overboard.

To create the Gradient Glitter Nails, I painted the whole nail bed with 3 layers of the nude (it is such a light color that it took 3 layers for it to not be “see-through”). Then I took the glitter polish and started 1/2 way up the nail bed and painted a light layer. Then I started at the edge of the nail (where you would normally paint white in a French manicure design) and brushed on another layer of the glitter polish. I repeated this last step once more. I then applied clear nail polish to even out the different layers of nail polish. In the end, the light layer of glitter with the added layer toward the edge gives it the gradient glitter effect. Turned out wonderful! Subtle opulence. Again, sorry about the pictures, the nude color is really hard to capture with a camera. The pictures really don’t do this design justice.


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