Doing My Part III

Finished the 3rd lapghan to be donated to the GMHS Football Moms Club! The lapghan is raffled and all proceeds goes toward supporting the football team. I altered the pattern a little. I used a size N hook and less stitches. I also added a larger edging all the way around. I really like how the red pops and appears to be floating in between the black stitches. Super easy pattern. The row endings/beginnings were tricky at first but got easier after repetition. What I really liked is that the black and red rows were never cut at the end of each row, the yarn was instead carried up. I also loved the ruffle edging. This certainly will keep the lucky winner warmer on those cool football nights to come! For those who crochet, give this Roman Aquaduct crochet pattern a try because it really turned out very nice! Again, not my original pattern so I can’t post it directly on my blog but I certainly can provide the link here. 3 lapghans down and 3 to go! Working on a horse silhouette filet pattern that will be sewn onto fleece. It’s a special lapghan for the last football game of the season, so stay tuned! It feels so good to do my part to help . . . I hope you find time to do your part and are able to make your place in the world just a little bit better!


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