Buttery Chocolate Magic Shell for Ice Cream

So McDonalds has come out with the Dipped Ice Cream cone. I have to admit, it is fantastic! Way better than a popular ice cream chain that is just around the corner from my house. The chocolate is rich and thick.  Just perfect. The problem is that they clearly don’t know how to take care of their equipment, lol. I was craving it bad when I left the hospital the other day. Steve, being the amazing hubby he is, promptly took me to the McDonalds by the hospital. We waited 10 minutes in the drive-thru line. We pulled up to the speaker and Steve ordered 2 dipped cones. The response, “Sorry our ice cream machine is down for the moment.” So we drove away to the next McDonald about 2 miles away. We again waited about 10 minutes in the drive-thru line. We pulled up to the speaker and Steve said, “2 dipped cones please.” The response, “Sorry our machine is down.” Steve took this as a challenge and went to a third McDonald’s closer to our home. Again, “the machine is down”! Seriously?! Are the Gods toying with me?! So we came home ice cream-less.

So of course, I went to where all truths and treasures can be found, Pinterest! I found that all the pins called for 2 ingredients: chocolate and coconut oil. Great (said with much sarcasm)! Coconut oil isn’t next to the vegetable and canola oil my friends, it is a special order item. It is expensive and loaded with saturated stuff. Doesn’t anyone understand I want it now? I then googled it and found a recipe that called for chocolate and butter. Now that’s better, I always have that in my house! Turned out to be a fantastic buttery experience! Here’s my version of the Homemade Magic Shell Ice Cream Topping recipe (this is the link to the original one)!

*Printable Recipe: Chocolate Magic Shell for Ice Cream


  • 1/2 bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips (or milk chocolate chips, but I think the semi-sweet was better, trust me, I tried both, lol)

  • 3.5 tablespoons of butter or margarine


Add ingredients to a microwave safe bowl. Nuke it for 40 seconds and give it a good stir. If not completely melted into a smooth chocolate puddle, nuke it again for 15 seconds. Repeat until you do reach that puddle wonderfulness.

Allow it to cool down for a few minutes. Drizzle it over your ice cream. Yes, this is Spencer’s bowl, lol.

It will harden right up!

Is it just like Magic Shell? Well no. It does harden up but melts in your mouth in a buttery explosion of sweet bliss. So although it’s not exactly like it, it sure is a great alternative that is much more affordable! Why haven’t I mixed chocolate with butter before? Good news! Place leftover sauce in the fridge (it will solidify again). Nuke it in short increments to melt it down again for more ice cream later!


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