DIY Slushy Maker

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a slushy junkie! I love shaved ice so much so I think I talked my in-laws into buying an ice shaving machine for their concession trailer. I don’t think they regret it, it’s always a big hit and comes in handy for other things like Spencer’s birthday parties, their grandchildren’s graduation parties and so on. So when I saw the “magic cups” that you can buy to make slushies in the store, I was eyeing it something fierce. The all too frugal hubby gave me the “no” nod but I secretly knew I would buy it later when I wasn’t with him, muhahahahaha (that is my evil laugh by the way)!

So I was trolling Pinterest like I always do way too much and came across this pin. This momma figured out how those “magic cups” work! So of course Spencer and I had to find out if home-made slushies were just a good shake away!

First, we filled a quart-size Ziploc bag just over half full of water.

With Spencer’s help, I added salt, lots of salt. How much salt? Enough that it was seriously cloudy water, lol. Doesn’t matter if you add too much salt, it will just settle at the bottom of the bag if the water is over-satured and unable to dissolve any more water.

Then I sealed the bag and told Spencer to give it a good shake.

And shake he did, lol. To ensure it was shook up enough, I gave it a couple shakes too only to find that our bag had a leak near the zipper part, bummer! No worries, I will just dump it into another ziploc bag. Seemed like a logical idea until I attempted to do it myself. Turns out it is a two-person job. One to hold the new bag open and one to dump the old bag into the new bag. I ended up dropping the new bag and spilling about 1/2 of the salt water all over the counter, between the stove and counter, onto the stove, down the front of the stove and all over the floor! Dagnabit! You wouldn’t believe how much water 1/4 of a quart is. It is tons of water! You know when you are at the beach and you get out of the water and sun dry? You know that sticky saltiness residue that remains on your skin? Yeah, that’s what was all over my counter, stove and floor! Yay me!  So after my 15 minute clean up, I added more water to the new bag and more salt.

I was smart this time! Burn me once it’s the bag’s fault. Burn me twice then it’s my dumb fault, lol. I double-bagged my salt-water! Be sure to let out as much air as you can out of the first bag and out of the 2nd bag. Lay it flat in the freezer and come back to it in 24 hours.

So way past 24 hours, I took the salt water out of the freezer. I totally forgot about this, it probably was in there a couple of weeks! So does it really only take 24 hours to freeze? I don’t know, lol! I had a frozen chunk of salt water after a couple of weeks, lol. Ok, turns out ours wasn’t fully frozen . . . maybe I added way too much salt? It was almost frozen through, just a little free standing salt water (maybe a tablespoon worth).

Put your quart bag of frozen salt water into a gallon ziploc. Pour any drink (I’m not sure about carbonated drinks) into the gallon ziploc (Spencer helped with this)!

Yes, that is a sock on the kiddo’s hand. It is covering a bandage. Spencer had a booboo the other day.

Give it a good shake, many, many, many, many good shakes. Tadah! You will end up with a slushy! Pour the slush into a cup and enjoy. Rinse the liquid off your salt water ziploc, dry it off and put it back in the freezer to make another slushy some other day!


4 thoughts on “DIY Slushy Maker

  1. I was thinking about making a slushee maker cup (like the Zoku, except way cheaper). Take an insulated cup, use a hot knife to make a small hole and fill the middle compartment with salt water, and freeze. As long as the hole is sealed, it could be used over and over again.

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