Bag of Bones Halloween Treats

Fall is seriously just around the corner! I can feel the cool air coming and can’t wait for the change of season! To get you excited too I am adding a recipe to make a Bag of Bones! Super easy and super cute!


  • White Candy Melts

  • White Mini Marshmallows

  • Thin Pretzel Sticks

  • *Shortening


Place a large sheet of wax paper down. Press one mini marshmallow into each end of the thin pretzel stick. Repeat until approximately 50 are made. Melt the white candy melts whichever way you normally melt chocolate (double boiler, chocolate melter crockpot or microwave). I find that white candy melts often don’t melt into a smooth puddle of chocolate. I often will add a teaspoon of shortening to the contents of an entire bag of candy melts to help smooth it out (add to candy melts as you are melting them). Dip the entire pretzel stick with marshmallows on each end into the melted white chocolate (I use a fork to dip it in the candy and to remove it from the candy). Shake off excess. Place on wax paper until candy hardens. They look really cute once you are all done and taste great too! Decorate a brown paper bag with a skull and write “Bag of Bones” on it. I added a red bow (just stappled it to the bag) to add a little color! Place a few “bones” into a ziploc and place it in the bag to give away as treats!


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