Pumpkin Carving

Loving the crisp air and cool nights! I thought I’d share our pumpkin carvings from last Fall. It was a fabulous fall day and the whole family got into the Halloween spirit!

I thought I’d offer up some pumpkin carving tricks we have learned through the years. First off, invest in a good carving kit. The knives specially made for pumpkin carvings really cut through pumpkins like it is butter. Use a permanent marker to trace over your designs applying pressure so that the ink seeps through the paper onto the pumpkin. Make sure your pattern fits your pumpkin! You can increase or decrease the size of any pattern with your computer. Before tracing, tape the pattern to your pumpkin. Be sure to cut a hole large enough on top for your hand to fit in so that you can stand up a candle inside. Make sure that you cut your top out at an angle or the whole top will fall right through! Looking for patterns? Typing Pumpkin Carving Patterns in your search bar will give you many great websites where you can download patterns. Another great idea is to use coloring books made for preschoolers. The designs or simple and can easily be used as a pattern. I love using cheapo tea lights inside the pumpkin but for some funky fun, put a small glow stick into your pumpkin and you will have neon, bright lights shining through your carvings. I’ve read elsewhere that applying Vaseline or spraying the inside with a bleach/water mix can prolong the eventual molding that occurs once you cut a pumpkin. We will certainly give one of those a try this year. Afraid of knives like me? You can create fantastic designs without cutting all the way through. Our witch shoes pumpkin was made by just cutting away some of the pumpkin flesh in the stockings. I used push pins to attach the simple bow. I used glossy black acrylic paint to paint the stockings and shoes onto the pumpkin. Turned out really cute huh?! Have fun, pumpkin carving is a blast and no matter the pattern, a lit pumpkin always turns out perfect!

Looking for the Mickey Mouse pattern we used? Here it is!

Looking for the Elmo pattern we used? Here it is!

Looking for the Jack pattern (from The Nightmare Before Christmas)?

Here it is!

Happy Fall Y’all!


4 thoughts on “Pumpkin Carving

    • We made these last year and I was searching high and low around the internet for the pattern again to share with my bloggers! Glad I was able to find the pattern on your blog! I always try to give credit where credit is due 🙂

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