Halloween Costumes

Trick-or-treating is a huge event for American kids! It is always fun for them and the parents when you find or make the perfect costume! Just wanted to share in today’s blog post the costumes of years past that Spencer and Steve Jr. had worn. Where did I find Spencer’s Dumbo and the Red Devil, well, a second-hand store of course. Around our parts we have Once Upon A Child were you can find gently used name-brand clothing, toys, furniture and other items for a discounted price. The Dumbo was a Disney original costume and let me tell you, it was just too cute to pass up! The tail on the devil outfit made it impossible for me to pass up too! Seemed appropriate for Steve Jr. to go as the Grim Reaper when his brother was the devil, lol. Although, I really doubt the Grim Reaper wears Under Armour football gloves (or maybe they are his baseball gloves?) lol!

The fireman outfit was created thanks in part to the Madison Township Fire Department. They had a booth that year at the Canal Winchester Ribs Festival and was giving out fireman hats or badges. Only one per child. Since our parents had a concession trailer at the event, we visited the booth two days in a row to get the hat one day and the badge the next. We bought a navy blue sweatshirt and navy blue sweatpants at Walmart for less than $4 each. Found the red suspenders on eBay for only $2.00 to complete the outfit. A little smeared black face paint on his forehead, cheeks and nose created the ashy look. Hmmm…it seems like I’ve cheated Spencer some with pre-made costumes. Watch out though, this year I am making him an Oompa Loompa outfit from scratch, lol. I don’t think I spelled Oompa Loompa correctly? Oh well! I’ll be sure to post a pic once I have it all done!

Our oldest son, Steve Jr., had some memorable costumes as well. He was a clown in preschool. His MawMaw Lockwood had sewn the costume and when we found the wild colored wig, it was a perfect mix!

My favorite though by far is the tin man from the Wizard of Oz! We took one inch foam and cut it to make a cylinder with arm holes. We used spray adhesive to glue metallic silver fabric to it. I then added a collar of sorts that had a pull tie. I made arms and legs by sewing the fabric into cylinders. I then hand basted them to gray sweats. I found the same metallic fabric in shoe covers that slid right over his tennis shoes. We bought a cheapo plastic funnel and punched holes in for the chin ties. We then spray painted primer followed by metallic silver paint onto the funnel. We used metallic silver face paint to add color to his chunky little cheeks and sweet little nose. I added sequins strands to his outfit for just a little more bling! Just like the tin man, Steve Jr., has always had a big heart! I also made his cousin’s Dorothy outfit. I had the dress in mind and just winged it! I made the skirt extra fluffy adding layers of tulle. She just wore a white sweatshirt for the shirt and we lucked into red glitter slippers. I did a double French braid and put pretty bows in her hair. Her costume turned out perfect! When Dorothy and the Tin Man went trick-or-treating, the folks in the neighborhood just loved their costumes!

He also went as a doctor one year. I ordered children’s size scrubs from a uniform catalog and even had “Dr. Pack” embroidered onto it. This was an especially awesome costume because ever since our son was five-years-old, he has wanted to be a doctor! He has not entertained any other life goal and continues his plans of becoming a physician. When he talks about his future, he always says, “when I am a doctor…”. There is no doubt in our minds he will become one and an amazing one at that. Another favorite costume we had made for Steve Jr. was the robot. For the robot, we took two boxes (one large enough for his torso to fit in and one that fit perfectly over his head). We cut out the sides and front of the head box and put screen mesh in there (so he was able to see in front of him and out the sides). We also cut a large round hole out of the bottom of the head box so that his head would slip in. We cut the bottom out of the torso box and armholes. We then cut a hole big enough for his head to fit through. The torso box was held up by his shoulders. We taped the boxes together and spray painted the whole thing metallic silver. We added a bunch of different knobs to the front (just used various items found around the house) and hand-painted little sayings above each. We added an antenna on top. To complete the outfit, Steve punched out tiny holes and we added a battery operated string of lights to his boxes! It was cute! Not sure why we didn’t get a picture of the robot and doctor?! Dang us! LOL! The robot was a huge hit and he wore his costume for a party at his elementary school. He came home missing some knobs because the kiddos couldn’t keep their hands off of his super cool costume, lol! We have saved every costume our children has worn. I just can’t let go of things that make my heart melt and things that make me smile. Hopefully some of these costumes inspired you to create something unique for your kiddos! They are only children for a short period of time, make everyday memorable!

Make this Halloween unforgettable!


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