Glow Bath

Our precious baby boy had a major booboo occur almost 2 weeks ago. Long story short, he burnt his hand on the stove. I know, you are saying, “How could that happen?” or “How could the parents let that happen?” Trust me, I’ve been torn up about since it happened. It happened so fast and both Steve and I were literally right next to him when it happened. We still beat ourselves up that we didn’t react quick enough to prevent any of this. He has had his hand bandaged however the burn clinic wanted his bandage removed so that he could get his hand in soapy bath water. The occupational therapist wants him using his hand as soon as possible. So to encourage him to open his hand and play a little, we gave him a special Glow Bath! We bought some glow sticks from the dollar store and tossed them into his bubble bath. We turned the bathroom lights off and the party was on! It took him a few minutes but he finally got his hand in the water and started playing! He loves his glow baths and we try to treat him to it at least once a month. Tonight though, it was extra glow-y! We doubled our normal amount of glow sticks and let him play till the bubbles were gone and the water was cold! Spencer absolutely loves his special glow baths! If you’ve got a toddler around, give him or her a glow bath and become witness to all the fun!


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