I feel very privileged to be part of the GMHS Football Moms Club. Together with a fine bunch of ladies, we take care of the behind the scene tasks that make the football program run smoothly. This includes serving (sometimes fixing) team meals, taking pictures, planning the end of season banquet and many other things. This week is Seniors’ Week at the high school. All the senior football players received a little goodie at the beginning of everyday. It was a lot of fun putting together these candygrams! We took the names of the candy and incorporated it into a short, positive note for the seniors. I thought I’d share some pictures of the daily senior spoilings!

Senior Spoiling # 1 ~ “All the EXTRA effort by the

Seniors did not go unnoticed!

Senior Spoiling # 2 ~ “Seniors, TAKE 5 to reflect on what all

YOU have accomplished at GMHS!

Senior Spoiling # 3 ~ “We hope the Seniors have a

WHOPPER of a game Friday night!

Senior Spoiling # 4 ~ “Go, Fight, Win BIG RED and Black!

Cruiser Seniors are the leaders!

Senior Spoiling # 5 (the GRAND DADDY spoiler) ~ “The Senior SMARTIES know that only DUM DUMS don’t work as a team! We MINT to tell you thanks for being ROLL-O models for the underclassmen!

With candy, cardstock, scrapbook paper, curling ribbons, scissors and double-sided tape, you too can make Candygrams! Have fun creating little sayings that incorporate the name of the candy into it! The possibilities are endless!


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