Cookies-N-Creme Popcorn

Before I go into the Cookies-N-Creme Popcorn, you must watch the following oldie but goodie video in order to understand how I feel about this recipe:

Hello? Is it me your looking for? Yes, I believe this recipe has been searching for me all my life! It is that fanfreakingtastic! Holy Mother Mary of God! This will knock your socks off, possibly blow off your toes as well!

I found the recipe on my favorite internet hangout, Pinterest! Let me back this up for a second. There is a gourmet popcorn store off of Bethel Rd. It’s a little hole in the wall kinda joint in a strip mall. When you walk in there are tins and tins and tins galore! I love tins because they become instant storage or re-gifted when I make cookies at Christmas time. After you get past the tins, there is an area with what looks like 55 gallon drums of every flavor combination of popcorn you can imagine! Amazing flavors and colors of popcorn! Our favorite is the cookies-n-cream popcorn they have made with Oreos. It is to die for. All my friends who always wonder what to get me for special holidays and occasions, this popcorn is what will ensure I leave you something in my will, I promise, LOL! The problem is that it is expensive and I seriously won’t have anything to leave in a will. Don’t get me wrong about the popcorn, it is worth the money, seriously worth the money. I think a three foot bag of popcorn costs like $30.00. Crazy I know but once you’ve had it you will understand why it is worth every penny (and more). I don’t even know the exact name of the place but it is a slice of heaven here in Columbus.

So the other day I found this recipe on Pinterest. I almost fell off my computer chair and needed a bib for all my drooling just looking at the pictures of it! I knew I would be making this and today was the day! So my dear friends, Horny, Cindy-rella, Rockin’ Rhonda and Angie Apple Bottoms are going to love me just a little bit more because they are getting this sweet treat from me! I altered the recipe just a little, for one I doubled it and secondly, I used two full sleeves of the Oreos (out of the 3 in a normal package) because is there such a thing as too many Oreos? I didn’t think so.

Without further adieu, here is my altered version of the Cookies-N-Creme Popcorn recipe along with a great idea for packaging it as a gift!

Printable Recipe: Cookies-n-Creme Popcorn


2 packages of normal size microwave popcorn (I suggest extra buttery type!)

12 oz of white candy melts

2 rows of Oreos in a normal size package (don’t skimp, get the good stuff!)


Microwave the popcorn per the package directions and your specific microwave. You know what I mean…I have the “popcorn” button on my microwave which really equates to 3/4 of a bag popped so I know exactly how long on high to nuke my popcorn to get the best results. It took years of burnt popcorn but I finally figured it out, lol.

This is the hardest part, separate the kernels from the popped kernels. Place the popped kernels in a large bowl.

Put your Oreos in a gallon-size Ziploc bag. Using the side of your meat tenderizer, smash them cookies to smithereens! You want to use the side to prevent puncturing huge holes into your ziploc.

Stir the crushed Oreos into the popcorn.

Melt your candy melts any way you normally do either by double boiler, microwave or candy melting crockpot. Yes, Wilton came out with a small crockpot for candy melts. It holds exactly one 12 oz bag of candy melts. You have 3 settings: off, warm or melt. Next to my wedding rings set, this is the best thing my husband has ever given me for Christmas, hands down! The hubby got it at Walmart, here’s a link so you know what to look for because trust me, you have needed this all your life: Wilton Deluxe Chocolate Melting Pot. I drop the bag of candy melts in, set it to “melt” and in less than 5 minutes I have perfectly smooth melted chocolate. When I make cake pops I would then turn it down to warm and the crockpot keeps the candy at the right temperature to stay melted. It is absolutely amazing! It can also be used for caramel but I haven’t gotten past the candy melt recipes to try it, lol! I keep saying I’m going to make caramel apples, maybe I will get to it in the next couple of weeks? It really is the perfect size. It is wide enough and deep enough for all your candy/caramel desires! In this recipe I don’t need to keep the candy melts “warm”, I just needed those suckers to be fully melted!

Once fully melted, pour half of the white candy over your popcorn and Oreos. With a spatula, give it a good but gentle stir to coat all of the popcorn and Oreo crumbs. Once thoroughly stirred, pour the remaining half of the melted candy over the popcorn. Again, gently stir until all the popcorn and Oreos are thoroughly coated.

Pour out the Cookies-N-Creme Popcorn onto waxed paper. Spread it out and let the candy set up. This took about half an hour.

Cookies-N-Creme Popcorn

Store your sweet bliss of a snack in an airtight container and good luck getting it to last any longer than a couple of days! I of course had to share these with my besties! I took out some Ball canning jars. Gave them a good cleaning. I dug deep in my pantry to find my cupcake liners. I’ve collected them for years. I would use some for a special occasion and end up having leftovers. I just put them all in a Ziploc for future use. I found some Halloween cupcake liners and dug them out.

Fill your jars (mine were 8 oz jam jars) close to the top with the Cookies-N-Creme Popcorn. Put on the lid. Place your cupcake liner on top upside down. Screw on the ring and tadah! You have the cutest little container to give away goodies in!

No fussing with pinking sheers trying to cut up some cute fabric into a perfect circle or square. The cupcake liners worked perfectly on my wide mouth jars.

Wondering how much this will make? Well, I filled up 9 eight ounce canning jars and had an overstuffed gallon Ziploc left over for little ol’ me to eat ALL by myself! LOL

I am not lying, this Cookies-N-Creme Popcorn recipe is the BOMB! Hmmmm…I don’t think it’s cool to say “the bomb” anymore, but I don’t care because they were the BOMB!


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