DIY Glass Pendants

I have a prior post about how to make glass pendants. I love making unique pendants using glass, they always turn out awesome! This time I used a different type of glass to create a unique pendant design. I found the large roundish glass stones at the dollar store. There were approximately 30-40 glass stones in the package. The glass had a greenish-grey color to them that really added to the designs I was using.

Be sure to check out the detailed directions I posted before found here on how to make glass pendants for more helpful hints.

These pendants were more of a challenge because I didn’t have a straight edge like I did when I made the rectangular glass pendants. No worries though, once your paper glaze is dry (I mean really dry, like let it dry overnight dry), you can use your X-Acto knife to cut out the paper following the glass shape. Just like the glass pendants I made before, I used the paper glaze to cover the back. The paper glaze gives the back a glossy, almost porcelain finish and is a must when making these pendants. Then I glued on flat back pendant bails using E6000 glue.  I used a corded, ribbon necklace to compliment the pendants.

The glass being rounded gave a magnifying effect to the design. They really turned out amazing!


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