Packaging Glass Magnets

I have had a couple of posts about glass magnets already. They are one of my favorite things to make! You can totally personalize them, create holiday themes and package them a gazillion different ways. I recently had a booth at a local craft show. It had been years, YEARS since I’ve done any craft shows. I focused on my glass pendants and magnets. I was very nervous and worried that I wouldn’t sell anything after all the time and effort I put into making them. Boy was I wrong! I ended up getting additional orders for items I sold out of! Whew! Our local school district is Groveport Madison and our mascot is a black horse named Cruiser. Legend has it the horse is buried underneath the junior high football field. Cruiser Pride runs rampant in our parts and folks love to buy up anything with a Cruiser theme. Today’s post focuses more on packaging where the prior posts talk more about how to make them. Be sure to check out these prior posts on my blog: Photo Magnet Tips and Photo Magnet Gift Bags.


I wanted to take a set of four tiny magnets and package them as Locker Magnets. I remember back when I was in high school hanging things in my school locker. The package contained two horse head magnets and two horseshoe magnets. First I used cardstock as the backing. You really need thick paper to handle the weight of these glass magnets. Cut your cardstock to your desired size. I cut mine into rectangles but you really can cut out a design. Hearts would be cute or if making Christmas magnets, cutting out the cardstock in the shape of a tree or ornament ball would be adorable. Add a label. Everyone knows the appearance is 1/2 the battle. You can have an amazing product but if you don’t display it well, folks look right over it. I created a label on normal copy paper and used a small heart paper punch. I used double-sided tape to tape the label down at the top of the cardstock.

Next, you need to center your magnets on your cardstock. I set mine up in a 4 corner, square pattern. Again, depending on how many magnets you are using, you can arrange a different pattern. To keep your magnets in place, use a flat, metal washer on the back. The magnets I use are very strong and attached to the washer easily (I got my thick, ceramic magnets from Hobby Lobby). The magnets stayed in place once attached to the washer! Use crystal clear packaging bags so folks can see your amazing craft work! Tadah, you are done!

If you are a mom or dad, you know what I am talking about when it comes to displaying our kid’s artwork or grade card. Our fridge is covered in papers and photos! So I decided to also make a package of parent magnets. I found these larger marbles (with a flat back) at the dollar store. These definitely weren’t consistent in size and many were more oblong or oval than round. I reversed the production to make these. Instead of gluing the paper to the magnet first, I glued the paper to the glass first. Then I used an X-Acto knife to cut out the paper following the edges of the glass. Then I glued the paper onto the magnet. I still used 3/4″ round magnets so the glass marble was much larger than the magnet and it still turned out really cute. I followed the same packaging directions but instead only put two magnets (one on top of the other). One magnet had the “G” design and the other said “Proud Parent”. They turned out super cute too!

So I thought I’d add a note or two, or few about how to make the magnets. I originally started by following directions found here on the EAD Living blog. The directions are fantastic. You can find the glass marbles (or some call them aquarium rocks) just about everywhere. They are fairly inexpensive and you can make 150-200 from one normal size bag! Look for crystal clear marbles with flat bottoms that are about 3/4″ in diameter. The magnets are sold in packages of 50 and are exactly 3/4″ in size. Use a 3/4″ paper hole punch to cut out your design! This is a must because after cutting out a few by hand, you will hate yourself for not getting one. I found mine at Hobby Lobby for around $8.00. Center your hole punch over your design and punch it out. Use a small dab of E6000 glue to adhere the image to the magnet. Allow to dry for a few minutes. Then add a dab of E6000 to the paper design and press down the glass marble. The glue spreads out and gets into every tiny crevice of the glass. Hold down the glass for at least one minute to prevent air bubbles. You will find that the glass marbles rarely cover the design perfectly (see the picture magnets at the beginning of this post). The glass marbles themselves are not perfectly round like the magnets or your punched out paper designs. That’s way ok! Everyone knows that the imperfections in hand-made items make them perfect! Also know that whatever you are using, whether photos or designs, will appear bigger because of the magnifying effect of the rounded glass. You really want your design to not go all the way to the edge of the 3/4″ diameter. Leave some background around the design. I didn’t consider this when making my son’s photo magnets for his birthday party. His face took up the whole 3/4″ diameter and once the glass was put on, he looked like a big bubble head, lol! It turned out great anyways because our son is such a cutie patootie (yes, I am biased)!

Hope you enjoyed this blog post that takes the glass magnets to the next level: packaging.


2 thoughts on “Packaging Glass Magnets

  1. Hi, I am thinking of making these for a cat rescue group in my city that is having a craft sale. How much can the magnets sell for? Thanks, Natasha

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