Small Round Glass Pendants DIY

I’ve had several posts about using glass tile and marbles in different craft projects. One of my favorite craft projects is making small, glass magnets. They always turn out so cute. You can find information on how to make the magnets here and here. I even have a post about how to package your magnets here. So it is really evident how much I love making these tiny glass magnets since I have so many posts about it, lol. Then I thought . . . hmmmm, wouldn’t these tiny glass marbles make the cutest darn necklaces? So the Small Round Glass Pendants was born!

I followed the same steps used here to make my glass tile pendants. Because the glass marbles aren’t perfectly rounded, my 3/4″ design hung over around the edges. To fix this, I pressed down the paper around the rounded edge. I then used the paper glaze to create the glassy, porcelain-like finish on the back. I made sure the paper glaze also covered the paper all the way to the folded down edges until it met the glass (getting a small amount on the glass itself to seal the edges). Always allow the paper glaze back of any pendant you make to fully dry. I let them dry overnight before attempting to handle them. After they were fully dry and using E6000, I attached a small flat bail to the back of the pendant. Then I used a cord and ribbon necklace to finish off the pendant!

One regular bag of glass marbles can make around 150-200 small glass round pendants. You can use photos, scrapbook paper and your own personal design. The designs you see are plain black and printed on designer scrap book paper. What I did learn in prior glass/paper crafts is that when you personalize the pendant (with printed designs you create with your computer) that using your home printer (which is most likely an inkjet printer) doesn’t work well. Since the paper glaze is watery, it ended up smearing the printer ink creating awful ink blobs. I saved my design to a flash drive and took it to the nearest Kinko’s. I handed them the designer paper and asked them to print my design onto it using their laser printer. They were able to upload my file from my flash drive and printed it lickity split. Since my design was black, it was printed in black and white costing only .11 cents for a page of about 80 pendant designs (in 3/4″ size). Inkjet printers use liquid ink sprayed through microscopic nozzles onto the paper, and laser printers use a toner cartridge (filled with fine powder) and a heated fuser. The fine powder didn’t run at all when I applied the paper glaze.

They really are the cutest little things!


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