Giving Thanks

There is no denying I live life differently. I think I always have. Having gone without most in my younger life, I just appreciate the priceless things in life like family and friends. Without either, my PHight with PH would be lost. In my friends I find laughter and acceptance. My disability is “no excuse” as they often remind me. Thank you to my friends for loving me and making my life so much better!

For my family . . . my husband is AMAZING! I have often said that all that I have suffered was eradicated and worth it because of Steve. He is my silver lining in my chaos. He is my rock. When I say he is my everything, that is an understatement. I literally continue to breathe and fight the PHight because he is by my side always PHighting with me, pushing me, lifting me up, encouraging me, challenging me and most of all, loving me not only on my best days but also on my worst days. I’m the luckiest gal in the world! I am grateful every second of the day for him and our 2 blessings in life, Steve Jr. & Spencer! Our children are an extension of our love. I have many reasons to get up in the morning and our kids are the two biggest reasons.

I am truly thankful everyday of my life, this Thanksgiving is no exception. I pray every night that everyone else is as blessed in life as I continue to be.

Happy Thanksgiving y’all!


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