Crocheted Urban Slouch Hat

I was bored the other night and whipped up this Urban Slouch Hat for myself.

The boys of course modeled for me, lol.

The original pattern was a solid one color skein.

I wanted to do Cruiser colors so I can wear it to any winter sporting events I go to at our oldest son’s high school. I like it. What do you think?

The pattern is not an original of mine and can be found here. It is a fairly simple pattern using single chains and a puff stitch. Also how to gather the ends can be confusing but here’s a great youtube video on how to close off your Urban Slouch Hat. In hindsight, I think I like the solid color better. The multicolor created a Rastafari look and well, try as I may, I don’t think I can rock that look, lol. So I guess I’ll whip out another in a solid color. I also think I will use a lighter weight yarn. The puff stitch creates great texture but it is bulky for the average yarn weight. I still love the pattern! It took me about 3 to 4 hours to crochet it and that was with me taking lots of breaks!


2 thoughts on “Crocheted Urban Slouch Hat

  1. I might actually try making one of these. I like it 🙂 And I know that Vicki girl in the video. We have a TV channel showing the Knitty Gritty show she hosts.

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