Ramen Noodles Made Easier for Toddlers


I think all of us mommas know what Ramen noodles are! If you don’t, what is wrong with you?! It is a staple in our house. In fact, it was a staple when I was growing up and when Steve was growing up. When you think about it, it’s right up there with Post-It Notes. One of those things created that everyone uses but probably never stepped back to marvel at the simplicity of it all. It has to be a bultigazillion business! Now that I think about it, can you buy stock in Ramen noodles? Imagine the long-term, consistent revenue that would generate? Seriously, how many more things on this Earth could you buy  6 of them for approximately $1? It is a meal roughly costing a little more than .16 cents! This carbohydrate, sodium packed meal is yummy! Sure it’s a lot of carbs and salt but everything is always ok in moderation! Today’s post is about all the tricks Steve and I have learned over years of preparing and consuming Ramen noodles that makes the experience so much easier! Specifically, this post shows how to make the Ramen noodles toddler ready to eat in 30 seconds after boiling the noodles.


Sure you could read the package directions and follow them, but why make it so easy? Also, it still wouldn’t be toddler-ready this way! First off, while the Ramen noodle package is intact, break the dried noodle bar in half. Then turn the package to the side and break it in half the other way creating 4 smaller noodle parts. Open up the package and remove the foil seasoning packet.


Fill a small saucepan with water. How much? Just fill the dang thing up with enough water that when you drop the noodles in that that the water will cover the noodles up. Set that burner to high and get that water to a rapid boil. Drop in the 4 broken chunks of noodles once the water is rapidly boiling. I will say this, the package is right. It does take exactly 3 minutes to cook the noodles. Take a fork and give your noodles a quick stir. Set your timer to 3 minutes and walk away. I am usually getting the bowl out and filling his sippy cup up with milk during this time.


Once the timer goes off, it is time to shock the noodles to stop the cooking process. Nothing is worse than over-cooked, soggy Ramen noodles! Drain off most of the water over the sink. Don’t go get a strainer out creating more dishes! Just tip the saucepan to the side and slowly pour off the boiling water.


Now this is where we stop the cooking and cool down the noodles at the same time. Add cold water directly into the pot over the hot noodles. Fill it up and then tip the saucepan to the side again to drain out the majority of the water. I’m talking leave maybe a teaspoon or two of water in the saucepan.


Dump the noodles (and the very small amount of water) into a kid friendly bowl. Breaking the noodles into 4 sections at the beginning helped to make the noodles a more tolerable length to eat. But with kiddos, you have to take it a little further. Take a butter knife and put it against the side of the bowl. Straddle a fork over the knife, pull back the knife and slice up the noodles. Do this as often as needed to obtain the appropriate noodle length you want. When Spencer was younger and first eating Ramen noodles, I sliced them up pretty small because it was easier for him to eat Ramen noodles with a spoon. Now that he is older, half the fun is sucking up a noodle so I give it a little length.


Now let’s flavor up them noodles! Open up the seasoning packet and dump it over the noodles. Using the same fork you have been using, mix the dry seasoning into the noodles. Now the noodles are flavor packed versus the water it used to sit in! Most importantly, I don’t have to worry about all this broth that our Spencer most assuredly would have dumped all over himself and the table. It’s genius really!


Because you rinsed the noodles off in cold water and dumped the majority of liquid out, the bowl of noodles is ready to eat right NOW! There’s no waiting for the noodles to cool down. No adding an ice cube to the bowl (this is how I used to rapidly cool my noodles down before I met Steve). The noodles are toddler-perfect! Hand over the bowl and the same fork to the kiddo and pat yourself on the back. Your child’s lunch is served!


Spencer is able to eat right now! No long drawn out waiting time that often results in a lot of whining on Spencer’s part and a big headache for momma! The best part? I have one saucepan, one bowl, one butter knife and one fork to wash. Shahbang! Easy, peasy clean up! As an adult, I leave more water in the bowl and don’t slice up the noodles; I like having warm broth and like my noodles long. But for our 3-year-old, Spencer, this is the perfect way to make Ramen noodles fast and kid-friendly!


2 thoughts on “Ramen Noodles Made Easier for Toddlers

  1. Your son is so adorable! I have a son who just turned two, a picky eater, and is starting preschool next week. I have to provide lunches for him while he is in school so I am testing the ramen noodles tonight. Crossing my fingers he will like them. Do you have anymore ideas for a 2yr old preschool lunch?

    • Our son loves his PB & J, Cheeze-Its, Goldfish Crackers, Cheerios and apple sauce that is in a pouch. Madarin oranges or other single-serve fruit would be good too. Oh and bananas, our boy loves his bananas! Best wishes on the lunches 🙂

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