Mickey Mouse Crochet Hat Pattern

il_570xN.303540747I have finally finished writing out my original pattern to create this Mickey Mouse Earflap Hat!

Page 1

It is a crochet pattern made for the intermediate/expert level. No matter your skill level, you will be able to create this hat following the 5-page, step-by-step pattern that includes photos and templates.

Page 5

It also includes directions on how to make this hat in a Toddler size or a Teen/Adult size!


I literally made it from scratch! I get tons of “awwwwws” when Spencer wears his hat out and about!


If you crochet, check out this affordable pattern found in my Etsy Shop HERE or on Ravelry . Ravelry  and Etsy both have automatic downloads once payment is received. Thanks for your interest!




11 thoughts on “Mickey Mouse Crochet Hat Pattern

    • Hi Sarah! Thank you for your interest in my Mickey Mouse Hat pattern. I don’t see where it was purchased from Etsy or Ravelry? Hoping you bought the right one 🙂 If you need help on any part of the pattern, be sure to send me an email to the address found on page 5 of the pattern. I’ll be glad to help!

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    • Natalie, I spent weeks writing that pattern; not only writing the pattern but also taking and professionally editing several step-by-step photos. I made this hat 5 times in the process of writing the pattern to ensure the stitching and all the counts were accurate. My selling price is comparable to other patterns for sale on Ravelry and Etsy. I am guessing you have not attempted to write a pattern or you wouldn’t be so heartless. Best wishes in finding another pattern as extensively written as this one. Better yet, create a Mickey Mouse Hat pattern yourself if you are capable. I hope that you find peace with your negativity versus spewing it onto other’s blogs. There’s really not much more I can or care to say about your comment.

  2. Yeah, I agree with Natalie it is pricy and so are other hats I viewed on the web. I also crochet and it only cost no more than $10.00 to make a hat, time wise 1/2 day to complete it. So why are all these women charging a arm and leg. To be honest all you have to do is follow another pattern to make a hat and add what you want on it. I give props to all the women who have free patterns on there website. I would not pay for a pattern unless it was something I have never seen.

    • Wow, it never ceases to amaze me that people can be so negative on other’s blogs. Since you took the time to bash let me take the time to respond. First off, I don’t need your “props”. My props come from my children, my husband and my dear friends who know me, appreciate and value me. Clearly you have not taken the time to write a pattern because if you did, you wouldn’t be so dismissive about it. It takes hours upon hours to create a pattern from scratch. I am an advanced crocheter, I can look at any picture and “wing it”. I will crochet the design without directions. Some designs of mine though are greatly valued and appreciated by others. It is these patterns that I have carefully crafted. It necessitates very thorough directions with diagrams and directional photos. If you actually purchased a pattern from me you would see it is not a run of the mill pattern wrote out in haste. It is methodical and explicit. You are welcome to write out a pattern as extensive as any I have written that includes professionally edited photos. My cost is comparative to other pattern designers and worth every penny of it. So don’t bother wasting your time responding on my blog…instead start your own blog, cultivate over 200 extensive posts within the first year. On top of that, write out 4 patterns that are between 10-15 pages in length with approximately 30-50 professionally edited photos included. Do this while fighting everyday just to breath (you would know that if you took the time to read my bio) and then your condescending, malicious, hateful, disrespectful and clearly feel entitled self will be worth my time. As it stands, you are not. I find it slightly amusing you give props to those who give to you…what have you contributed to the crochet world? Haters will be haters and takers will be takers. By the way, there is a free pattern posted on this blog as well. What you don’t know is that those who take the time to drop me a comment or email have often received my patterns free of charge. When I know the crochet item is for charity or a special gift, I’m quick to work something out with that person. I’ve literally given every one of my patterns for sale out free over a dozen times each. Hoping you find peace within yourself and can learn to spread love online versus negativity. That’s enough from me. Like I said, don’t bother responding, use all your energy instead in writing your own pattern and posting it on your own blog. I apologize to my regular blog visitors that you would see me write something like this. It’s very much not in my nature however, I take great pride in everything I make, create, cook, bake and do in life. It’s offensive to the core when others are quick to bash without knowing a thing about me. Woosahh! Deep breath. Back to happy thoughts, that’s all I really have time for in my limited life. Hope everyone has a blessed day and smiles at a stranger today…your smile could make all the difference in the world 🙂

  3. After reading the comments I decided to buy this pattern, firstly because I appreciate all the hardwork and dedication that has gone in to it,and secondly because I dont understand the mentality of jelous people. and yes I do use patterns I dont always have to pay for and ones I pay for, which ever way you look at it, keep doing what you enjoy n ignore nasty people I think your doing a great job .

    • Thank you Tracy! I know I shouldn’t but I do feel hurt by the negative and judgmental comments so it’s nice to get a supportive comment! And thank you for purchasing a pattern as well 🙂 Please check your email associated with this account…I sent you something 🙂 Please reply and let me know you received them! Have a GREAT day!

  4. Thankyou Kathy, you are so talented, I recieved them and im so excited, you are so kind, I am also at home, having bieng diagnosed with cardiomyopathy 4 yrs ago, at the age of 44, this was caused(they think) by the drugs I was taking for rhuematoid arthritus, I found your blog, while looking for a pattern for my grandson a mickey hat, im so glad I did, yours stands out a mile, your blog is an inspiration to me and others too, thankyou and always remember, when people are not nice, its simply Thier problem not Yours, Keep smiling, ..regards, Tracy.

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