Thank You!

Sunshine LoveThis post marks my 100th post! I wanted this post to be a “thank you” to all my family and friends that have supported my blog. I often comment about my family and friends, unknowingly by them. Thank you for not freaking out when I post a picture of you! If your picture made it on to my blog it is because you are that important to me in my life. To my husband, I love you. Thank you for putting up with my antics. Often when we are cooking, I am snapping photos and his patience is greatly appreciated. He knows now to just put all the ingredients together before we start cooking because I always want an ingredients picture. He takes the time to “plate” our creations like a real professional. He wipes away the spills and places the food just right for a photo! It has been a really great adventure chronicling our daily activities! As I write this post, I’ve had 3,363 views to my blog! Thank you again for taking the time to read about our adventures and our continued PHight against pulmonary hypertension! xoxoxoxo


2 thoughts on “Thank You!

  1. I love all of your recipes and your crafts Kathy! Keep it up. I check them out all the time it keeps me going you are so inspiring and talented!

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