Packaging Christmas Cookies

So I made 17 different cookies and candies and it was time to package them up as gifts for family and friends. Some folks got a cardboard box that was cut down into trays. We covered the cardboard boxes with gift wrap and placed parchment paper down on the inside.


And others got our dressed up styrofoam plates. These turned out so cute. It is a very inexpensive way to dress up these sturdy plates we all use frequently.


Even though they are styrofoam, they still are flimsy once you pile on the cookies so our styrofoam plates were doubled up. Steve measured out 16 holes. Then Steve used a hole punch to puncture through both layers of the styrofoam plates. I cut the ribbon 2 feet in length. I started with stringing the ribbon from the top of the plate down to the bottom. I worked the ribbon in and out of the remaining holes.



For the fabric ribbon, I tied a bow. For the curling ribbon, I curled it up! On the bows, I just trimmed off excess ribbon. It turned out really sweet! Just an inexpensive way to dress up your cookie platters!


I found the cookie plate baggies at the dollar store! I got 3 baggies in one package for only one dollar! The package included the baggies, pre-cut ribbons and coordinating tags. Super cute!

Merry Christmas folks!


2 thoughts on “Packaging Christmas Cookies

  1. I am enjoying your website. You are so crafty and such a good cook! I am going to try some of your recipes. Ryan said you helped last night with the dinner for the basketball team. Thank you very much. I wished we lived closer. I would love to help. Go Cruisers!

    • Anytime we can help out the kids, we do even if our kid isn’t necessarily on the field or court. Our son has enjoyed being part of the basketball team filming the game videos. Steve really admires and looks up to Coach Grashel. He has such a positive energy. If you have any questions about the crafts or any recipes, just holler 🙂 I’ll be glad to help and thank you for your kind words 🙂

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