Tipsy Teddies ~ Rummy Gummy Bears


Today is one of my dearest friends’ birthdays! Looking forward to dinner and some fun at the casino with the gals! I found these cute little Coastal Cocktails that just need alcohol added to create flavorful mixes! I wanted to give her something else to go with it and thought I would try to make Tipsy Teddies (aka: rummy gummy bears) that I have seen all over Pinterest!


You need a mason jar, Barcardi Rum and 3 packages of gummy bears.


Dump as many gummy bears as you can in the mason jar leaving 1.5” of space from the top (the gummies expand). Pour your choice of liquor, this happened to be rum but I’ve seen vodka used too, until the liquor covers the gummy bears.


Give it a stir making sure all the bears are in the liquor. Place in the fridge for at least 12 hours. Every couple of hours, give the mason jar a hearty shake.


After 12 hours I thought I’d give one teddy a try. Woah! It was like taking a straight 1/2 shot of rum! Where’d the fruity flavor go?! I drained the gummy bears in a strainer and put them back in the mason jar. I’ve got to get fruitier flavor back or I should have just wrapped the Barcardi bottle in a bow!


The hubby had just made a jug of cherry kool-aid. I thought, why not? I covered the gummy bears with kool-aid and left the mason jar on the counter. Again, shake the mason jar every so often.


After another 12 hours, I tried another one. Perfect! Sweet fruity flavor followed by warm rum. It was the perfect mix of liquor and fruity goodness!

 I drained the gummy bears and cleaned out the mason jar. I put the gummy bears back in the mason jar and stuck a cute tag on it.


I’m pretty sure if she wanted to, she could seriously get hammered eating these Tipsy Teddies! You may want a spoon, it is a bit sticky but well worth it!


I shouldn’t have to say it but in case an idiot is reading my blog, the tipsy teddies are intended for adults not children! Doh!


The picture of the 4 gummy bears yielded unexpected results! I forgot about those 4 lonesome bears. They were left on the plate overnight. The Tipsy Teddies in the Mason Jar were sticky icky, which to me made them less desirable. However, the 4 on the plate, dried out! The bottom was a little sticky so I flipped them over. When I checked them several hours later, they weren’t tacky the least bit! Could you still taste the rum? Heck ya! So the next time I make this, I will spread the rummy gummy bears out on waxed paper for at least 12 hours or until dry and then flip them over for another 12 hours or until dry! Yep, this makes the Tipsy Teddies more enticing to me!


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