On The Mend

Blooming While Healing

For those who follow my blog, you have probably wondered, “Where’d Kathy go???” My deepest apologies. My blog is something I take great pride in and try to post new crafts and recipes several times a week. We had a bit of a health scare out of nowhere. Three masses were found in my abdomen and the fear was cancer. Two weeks in the hospital, two surgeries and 36 staples later, I am on the mend. More importantly, cancer was ruled out! There should be a rule written somewhere that if you have pulmonary hypertension that you are excused from acquiring any other disease or disorder for the rest of your life. Seems fair to me! Thank you for all the prayers and well wishes; we truly do believe that those prayers and well wishes made all the difference in the world! What was by far one of the most frightening experiences in our lives were more easily conquered with the help of our family and friends. Our kids went without wanting and were safe and lovingly cared for while Steve stayed with me 24/7 in the hospital. You know who you are and we can’t thank you enough for looking after the Pack family! We are blessed upon blessed!


4 thoughts on “On The Mend

  1. Love you so much mother Pack! And feel so blessed that you are on the mend! xoxox. You are a wonderful wife mother and friend! I appreciate your friendship so much!

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