Graduation Cake Pops

This past weekend, one of our dearest friends’ daughter, Jodi, graduated from Groveport Madison High School. She made a special request to have cake pops for her graduation party. I had a lot of fun creating a unique design. While I worked on making confectionary joy, her mom, Beth, worked on building a unique tower to display the cake pops. Beth cut up scrap wood she had that were 1 x 4s into different lengths and stacked them in a very unique pyramid pattern. Half the wood was white and the other half black. The cake pop tower turned out awesome!

I have posted how to make cake pops on my blog before HERE, HERE and HERE. Check out those links for specific directions. I don’t use those “cake pop pans,” instead they are all rolled by hand. I take great pride in making yummy cake pops and they always get rave reviews. Seriously though, you really can’t screw them up. They are simple to make, it just takes a lot of time and patience.

Since her graduation party was outdoors and the weather had been warming up, I decided to make the cake pops upside down. I am so glad I did! If I would have made them with the cake ball on top (like a lollipop), they most certainly would have turned into the ball at Times Square on New Year’s Eve! The balls would have dropped all the way to the bottom of the stick after softening up in the warm weather!

I placed mini cupcake liners in my mini cupcake pan. Instead of sticking the dipped cake ball into my styrofoam block to set up, I instead placed the freshly dipped cake ball (on the stick) into the mini cupcake liner. I let the candy “set up” in the mini cupcake pan. Once the candy had hardened, I melted some more white candy melts and poured it into a Wilton squeeze bottle. I drizzled the melted candy on top and then sprinkled red sugar crystals on top. The red crystals only stuck to the freshly melted candy. I turned the mini muffin liner upside down and let the excess red crystals fall back into a bowl. The school colors are black and red and I wanted the cake pops to represent that. The designer mini cupcake liners were purchased at Michaels.

While at Michaels, I picked up some red scrapbook paper with white polka dots. I printed out Jodi’s name & class of 2013 along with “Way 2 Go” in a table. I then hand cut out the mini flags. I printed it so that I could fold it over and there would be writing on both sides of the mini flags. I used double-sided tape to tape the flag sides to each other around the lollipop stick and then cut a little “V” out of the edge. HERE is the Word table I used. I changed the table’s lines to a light gray color so that it wouldn’t show up as much if I should happen to not cut in a straight line (I’m known for doing that, lol). You can just highlight what was typed and type over it using your own sayings/words in its place. They really turned out super cute!

Just also wanted to add a cute idea on how to display a graduation cap. I took a garden ornament to use as the cap holder. It is a cement looking (probably made of plaster) ball on a large candle stick of sorts. I had purchased it a year or so ago to use as my prop to display the Mickey Mouse crochet hats I make. The graduation cap holder was placed on the table with her photos and other mementos from high school! This was an adorable way to display her graduation cap!

Way to go Jodi!

Best wishes at Ohio University this coming fall!


I was asked to make more grad cake pops for another Class of 2013 graduate. Dareyl Hamlet is a great kid and I was humbled by his request. I whipped out these ones below for his graduation party! Good luck Dareyl at Shawnee State University!

Update 2:

Made more cake pops for our nephew, Tyler! Tyler graduated from Plymouth High School!


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