Love our Kids

Most of you know I have PH. My list of limitations grows each year. The one that breaks my heart is not being able to pick up my youngest son…but we make do. Spencer climbs into my lap for hugs or stands on a chair for a big hug. Lifting more than 10-15 lbs gives me chest pains, just par for the course. Today he wanted to go downstairs to be with his bubby and his friends but we keep a permanent gate up to keep the dog from going down. I told Spencer I would lift him over the gate in a second. He put his little hand on my knee and said, “You’re my best mommy but your arms aren’t strong enough” with the sweetest smile. I love that tiny kid of ours, he just gets me! Oh and Stevie came up the stairs to get his baby brother, love that big kid of ours too! 🙂


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