Panko Crusted Italian Chicken

We made Panko Crusted Italian Chicken and it was full of flavor, crispy and fanfreakingtastic! Use your favorite Italian dressing. We always use Kraft Viva Italian when we are cooking with Italian dressing. This recipe is easy and very flavorful! 20-25 minutes for a home-made dish!

Printable Recipe: Panko Crusted Italian Chicken


  • 4 skinless, boneless chicken breasts

  • Bottle of your favorite Italian

  • Panko bread crumbs

  • Vegetable oil or butter oil


Clean chicken breasts removing any skin or fat. Slice breast in half horizontally (to make 2 thin pieces of chicken). Lay sliced breasts on cutting board. Loosely cover with plastic wrap. Using a meat tenderizer, beat meat until thin (approximately 1/4″). Place Italian dressing in a shallow, wide bowl. Place Panko bread crumbs in another shallow wide bowl. Heat about 1/4″ of oil in a chicken fryer pan.

Once oil is hot, dip chicken breast into Italian dressing. Coat both sides.

Then dip chicken breast into the Panko bread crumbs, pushing down so that bread crumbs stick. Coat both sides.

Gently lay coated chicken breast into hot oil. Cook 3-4 minutes, then turn. Cook 3-4 minutes on other side or until juices run clear. Place cooked chicken breast on a cooling rack above a cookie sheet covered in foil (to catch dripping oil). Allow to cool slightly, serve warm.



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