Mint Dark Chocolate Cake Pops – Thank You Gifts

I have made my fair share of cake pops, probably north of a couple thousand in the past 2-3 years. They are great to give as gifts and can easily be personalized. I focus mostly on the overall product. I believe the flags, sanding sugars, ribbons and designer cupcake liners are what make and break a good batch of cake pops. I’ve been told that my cake pops not only look good but taste fantastic. It’s all about the right proportion of cake versus icing and using quality chocolates. I had pretty much stuck with the basic cake mixes like chocolate, white and yellow. In the past few months I have ventured into more gourmet flavors.

One night while hanging out with some of our favorite people in the world, The Smalls, we talked about different flavors I could make into cake pops. Tami had the fantastic idea of a mint chocolate cake pop. Mint chocolate is a favorite among many folks so I thought I would give it a try. Mike also suggested German Chocolate Cake Pops and I knew I would give that a try as well (HERE is a link to the awesome German Chocolate Cake Pops).

I made the Mint Dark Chocolate Cake Pops specifically for Tami as a way to say “Thanks” for all that she does for our family and also just for being one of the bestest of pals throughout the years. The wheels were turning in my head on how to incorporate Andes Mints into my cake pops. I think I found the magic combination! I am also not one to recreate the wheel. Cake mixes are so affordable and most of the time very tasty. You can elevate the basic cake mix with a couple changes in the box’s recipe. One of my most popular posts (seriously, it has over 11, 100 views) is how to improve store bought cake mixes and store bought icing. You can check that post out HERE.

I started with Duncan Hines Dark Chocolate cake mix. Duncan Hines is a favorite cake mix of mine because the cakes always turn out moist. When I make cake pops, I generally stay away from the “whipped” icings. I think normal icing works better with cake pops.

After doctoring up the box recipe to make it more home-made, I added chopped up Andes Mints to the batter. I chopped up about 15 mints into tiny pieces. Stir the candy pieces right into the batter. Bake as directed and allow the cake to completely cool in the pan.

I know most folks will tell you to break apart the cake in a bowl…I don’t see the point in dirtying up another dish! I don on gloves and break the cake up in the pan it was baked in. I add about half a tub of doctored icing (again, see HERE on how to make store bought icing taste like it is home-made). Still with gloved hands, I slowly work the icing into the broken up cake pieces until I end up with a mound of mushed cake.

To keep my cake balls somewhat uniform in size, I initially scoop out the cake balls using a one-inch cookie scoop.

With gloved hands, I roll the cake out into tight balls. I put the cake pops in the fridge to chill for about 20 minutes or however long it takes to melt a bag of Wilton’s Candy Melts in my Wilton Candy Melter. Dip the ends of a lollipop stick about 1/4 of an inch up the stick and insert it into the top of the rounded cake ball. Repeat until all cake balls have sticks. Add a second bag of Wilton Candy Melt to the candy melter and allow the candy to turn into a puddle of sweet bliss. I was so happy to find Wilton Mint Cocoa Candy Melts at Walmart! Now the cake was minty and so was the chocolate! While waiting for the candy to melt, I chopped up more Andes Mints (the remainder of the bag) and put the candy pieces in a bowl. I got out my mini cupcake pans and lined it with these cute gold mini cupcake liners. After the candy was completely melted, I dipped the cake ball straight down into the chocolate until it completely covered up the cake ball. Allow some of the chocolate to fall off and back into the pot while gently swirling the cake pop above the chocolate. Place the dipped cake pop into the cupcake liner ensuring the lollipop stick is straight. I dipped 6 cake pops at a time and then used a spoon to dump a small amount of the crushed Andes Mints on top of the cake pop. You want to sprinkle the crushed Andes Mints on top of the cake pop before the chocolate sets. Repeat until all cake pops are dipped and covered in Andes Mints.

I used Word to create the flags. Cut down the middle of the paper and fold each half in half (to create double sided flags). Cut the flags out individually. Using double-sided tape, wrap the flag around the lollipop stick about 1/4-inch down from the top. I cut an upside down “V” out of the side of the flag for extra cuteness! When the flags are added to the Mint Dark Chocolate Cake Pops, they instantly become an amazing Thank You gift. You can download the flags HERE. I suggest using cardstock when printing out your flags. I wish I would have added green ribbon underneath the flags but ran out of time. They still turned out cute!

The Mint Dark Chocolate Cake Pops also tasted quite divine! One box of cake mix, half a tub of icing, 1 bag of Andes Mints and 2 bags of Wilton Mint Cocoa Candy Melts cost about $12.00. I made almost 60 cake pops out of this! Making cake pops yourself is fun and easy. It is time consuming but well worth it! Sure beats the $1.50 most bakeries charge for just one cake pop! Give these Mint Dark Chocolate Cake Pops away as Thank You gifts because the recipient will LOVE them…you probably won’t be able to give them all away because you will want too keep some for yourself! Just wanted to say it again, thanks Tami & Mike for being you and for being the bestest of friends to The Pack Family. Here’s to many more years of friendship!





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