Original Design Basketball Afghan

Finally finished this season’s basketball afghan! The afghan is raffled off by GMHS basketball parents and 100% of proceeds goes toward the basketball program to help with the end of season banquet. It is completely reversible and super thick. Finished size is approximately 46″ x 46″. This is an original crochet pattern that I designed and I am really happy how well it came together 🙂 I think I’ll call this 5 Man Basketball Block. I wanted to make sure there were 5 basketballs the size of actual basketballs to represent the 5 players on the court. This is a twist on my Grand Slam Baseball afghan pattern that incorporated granny squares. The Grand Slam Baseball afghan pattern is for sale in my Etsy shop and Ravelry shop for only $6.00. If you have that pattern, you just change the stitching of the large balls to single crochet and attach to the large circles to create the Basketball stitching. If looking for a very unique basketball pattern, check out this post on my blog and the Basketball Block pattern is also sold in my Etsy shop and Ravelry Shop for only $6.00. And I might as well throw up a link for the Touchdown Football pattern that also is on sale for $6.00 in my Etsy shop and Ravelry shop. My raffled, crocheted afghans have raised close to $1500.00 altogether for the football, basketball and baseball program. Use your God-given talents and find a way to give back. You can give more than just money (and for some, money is not an option) and nothing is more rewarding than going to a football game and seeing any of the so far 10 afghans I’ve made and donated to be raffled being used in the stands by Cruiser fans. In the end, it’s all about the kids!


2 thoughts on “Original Design Basketball Afghan

  1. Been looking for the pattern for this Five Man Basketball throw can’t find it. Can you help me out? Also do you have any patterns for a soccer ball crocheted throw?

    • Hello. The 5 man basketball pattern is the Grand Slam Baseball pattern. Instead of white for the baseballs, I used orange. In addition to the half circle top stitches (the stitches for a baseball), I added two straight line top stitches (that crossed over each other) to create the marks found on a basketball. There are links in this article where to buy the Grand Slam Baseball pattern (on Etsy or Ravelry). Unfortunately, I do not have a soccer pattern as of yet. I will be creating one in the future. I just added a softball pattern on Etsy and Ravelry this year. My goal is to add soccer and volleyball and to round out my sport collection designs. Thanks for your interest! Happy crocheting!

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