Bouquet of Beer


We celebrated our Papa Jerry’s birthday today! Although Jerry is not my biological father, he has never treated me any less than his own biological daughter. I love Jerry for being the father I didn’t know I needed. My children love him and only know him to be Papa. Papa doesn’t like a lot of fancy things so we wanted to get him something we knew he would use. Who doesn’t like a 6 pack of beer every once in a while? Well, to turn beer into a gift, you have to glam it up some! So I added foam flower petals and ta-dah…he now has a bouquet of beer! To make the petals, buy sheets of foam in the colors of your choice. Using this TEMPLATE, cut out 6 flower shapes (or however much you need). I just googled images for flower petals and found these 3 to be perfect. Ignore the designs inside the flowers, you only want to trace around the outline of the flowers onto your foam sheets. To place the flowers over the bottle caps, cut an “X” in the center of the flower that is large enough for the flower to slip over the bottle cap. Gently push the flower down and then pull back up to just under the bottle cap so that the peaks of the “X” are pointing downward and only the flower surrounds the bottle cap. With the thin long petals (the yellow ones), it is best to cut the “X” and place the petal over the bottle cap before cutting the thin petals. This is a simple gift that any man would appreciate! Just think, Father’s Day is just a couple of months away! Our Bouquet of Beer brought a smile to our Papa Jerry’s face and even a little chuckle. Happy Birthday Papa Jerry, we love you!


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