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Upcycle a Container!


So what do you do to when you made a homemade treat for your bestie’s birthday but need a cute container for it? You upcycle your oatmeal container! This turned out cuter than I would have imagined! 


  • 12×12 Paper (2 if covering the large oatmeal container)

  • Double-sided Tape

  • Scissors

  • Curling Ribbon

  • Empty Oatmeal Container

  • Regular Tape (Not Pictured)

Super easy! I quickly rinsed and dried out the oatmeal container. Do it quickly with as little water as needed. It is just a paper container so if you fill it with water and let it sit for any amount of time, I’m guessing it will disintegrate. Lay the oatmeal container on it’s side to measure the paper. Easy for me since I had a plaid print. The height of the container lined up to one of the lines in my plaid paper. Cut out the measured paper. For the small container, it was short about 1/2″ when wrapped around. I just cut a strip to cover the exposed area.


What I liked about the oatmeal containers is that you can slide your scrapbook paper up under the lip with ease. Using double-sided tape, tape down the edges (didn’t take much, two at the top and two at the bottom). Apply the double-sided tape to the edges of the 3/4″ strip you cut to cover the exposed area. Carefully cover the exposed area.


Cut several 12″ strips of curling ribbon (around 15). Tie a knot in the middle of the ribbon. Using scissors, curl the ribbon. Using regular tape, tape to the container lid. Tadah! Pretty and functional! Beth is going to love her Puppy Chow filled, designer canister!