Easy Peasy Puff Pastry Neapolitans

craftycreativekathy.wordpress.comThe hubby came home with puff pastry sheets when he ran to the grocery store…I knew what that meant! He was making our Easy Peasy Puff Pastry Neapolitans! If you like cream puffs, then you will love this dessert. You can’t live in Columbus, Ohio and not like cream puffs. We are home to the famous Schmidt’s Sausage Hause. They serve awesome, authentic German food and are known for miles around for their super huge, extremely tasty cream puffs! Nothing beats a Schmidt’s Cream Puff but these Easy Peasy Puff Pastry Neapolitans come very close! Simple to make and if serving this dessert to friends, they will think you are master French chefs. Your secret is safe with us!

Printable Recipe: Easy Peasy Puff Pastry Neapolitans



  • Pepperidge Farm Frozen Puff Pastry Sheets

  • 3.4 oz Jell-O French Vanilla Instant Pudding

  • 8 oz Frozen Whipped Topping, Thawed

  • 1 Cup Milk

  • Powdered Sugar

  • Chocolate Syrup (optional)


Cut each sheet of puff pastry into squares approximately 2” in size.


Bake according to package directions.


While pastry is baking, whisk instant pudding and milk together for 2 minutes by hand in a medium-sized bowl.



Fold in the whipped topping. Place pudding mix in the fridge for 15-30 minutes.


Once pastry puffs are cooled, split pastry squares in half.


Dollop and spread the pudding mix onto the bottom pastry puff.


Put puff pastry top back on top of pudding mix. Sprinkle with powdered sugar.


But why stop at just powdered sugar? Everything is better with chocolate! Drizzle chocolate syrup over the top. Be sure to serve immediately. If not serving for a while, cover the pudding mix in the fridge. Put neapolitans together just prior to serving.

This is definitely a family favorite for the Packs!



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