Original Design Basketball Afghan

Finally finished this season’s basketball afghan! The afghan is raffled off by GMHS basketball parents and 100% of proceeds goes toward the basketball program to help with the end of season banquet. It is completely reversible and super thick. Finished size is approximately 46″ x 46″. This is an original crochet pattern that I designed and I am really happy how well it came together ūüôā I think I’ll call this 5 Man Basketball Block. I wanted to make sure there were 5 basketballs the size of actual basketballs to represent the 5 players on the court. This is a twist on my Grand Slam Baseball afghan pattern that incorporated granny squares. The Grand Slam Baseball afghan pattern is for sale in my Etsy shop and Ravelry shop for only $6.00. If you have that pattern, you just change the stitching of the large balls to single crochet and attach to the large circles to create the Basketball stitching. If looking for a very unique basketball pattern, check out this post on my blog and the Basketball Block pattern is also sold in my Etsy shop and Ravelry Shop for only $6.00. And I might as well throw up a link for the Touchdown Football pattern that also is on sale for $6.00 in my Etsy¬†shop and Ravelry shop. My raffled, crocheted afghans have raised close to $1500.00 altogether for the football, basketball and baseball program. Use your God-given talents and find a way to give back. You can give more than just money (and for some, money is not an option) and nothing is more rewarding than going to a football game and seeing any of the so far 10 afghans I’ve made and donated to be raffled being used in the stands by Cruiser fans. In the end, it’s all about the kids!


Touchdown Football Crochet Throw

Touchdown Football Crochet Throw

Finally finished the Touchdown Football Crochet Throw! I love the texture and the 2D effect of the footballs! Nice and thick! I have to give a shout out to two dear friends I’ve met through my blog who took the time to test my pattern and offer suggestions on how to improve it. Thank you Fran & Janet, you are both awesome in my book!


Adjustable in size, add as many motifs to get to your desired length.

The pattern is finally written! It is 17 pages long with 89 photos and diagrams! This is for an expert crocheter however my directions are so detailed that an intermediate crocheter can tackle this awesome throw! The finished size of the throw below containing 48 Football Motifs is 50″x38″. Each Football Motif measures 6″x6″ square.


You can purchase the pattern in my ETSY SHOP or in my RAVELRY SHOP for only $6.00. As a BONUS, I have included directions on how to change the Football Motif into a Granny Football Motif that you can use in your favorite granny square pattern! The Granny Football Motif is 7″x7″ square. NOTE: The picture is inaccurate in measurement. The Granny Football Motif is next to a 7 row basic granny square. It will NOT line up. The Granny Football Motif will ONLY line up with a 6 row basic granny square. Sorry about that folks. The patterns posted for purchase have been updated with this information and all prior buyers have received the updated pattern at no additional charge.


The possibilities are endless when it comes to these 2 football motifs!¬†Also, included in the directions for both the Football Motif and the Granny Football Motif are step-by-step instructions and photos for the laces. The “lacing” is quick and easy with the way I sew the laces on the footballs. Also, I created the lacing so that it shows on both sides. There is not a “bad” or “wrong” side with these motifs. Instead, there is a “good” side and a “better” side! ¬†Thanks for your interest in my original design and for stopping by my blog! Have a great day!

Variations of the Football Motif:


I took the Drop in the Pond pattern and switched out the center granny square with a Football Granny Motif. I followed the pattern for the edging except changed the colors in row 3 and 4 to white. I also added another set on the middle section to both ends and another set to each long side.


Made for a really large afghan:¬†57″x43″. The original Drop in the Pond pattern is not mine but just wanted to show you how to incorporate the Football Motifs into other patterns.


I should add that the stitches are accurate in the count however the very nature of going from an oblong shape to a square causes some puckering. Personally, I love the slight puckering. It allows the football to protrude out creating a 2D effect. For the throw below I “blocked” the square to make it lay flat. To block your motif, you will need a spray bottle filled with water, a pillow case, an ironing board and an iron. Spray the motif lightly with water. Stretch the motif out till it is flat and all edges are square. Place pillow case on top and iron at medium heat until all the steam evaporates (meaning the water is gone). Your motif will lay flat for your design. Of course, if you should ever wash your afghan, the same process will need to occur to get it to lay flat again. As with any crochet item, wash all items alone and lay flat to dry. In the throw below I used the Granny Football Motif along with a basic granny square. Just another variation using the motifs found in the Touchdown Football Crochet Throw pattern! It turned out really cute! Actually, I think it is my favorite so far this football season. This is my kitchen floor and the black areas seen through the red is the little black diamonds on my kitchen floor and not part of the throw.


Check out Angie’s version! Looks fantastic! Thanks again for sharing!



New Etsy Items

I have added some very adorable, hand-made newborn outfits to my Etsy Shop. These are perfect for a baby’s first photo shoot! They would be a great asset for professional photographers interested in adding unique newborn props to their business! These are original designs and there is only one of each set that was made. Once they are sold, they are gone, gone, gone! You are probably wondering what am I doing making newborn outfits?! Calm down, lol! I am not pregnant! I initially made them for Steve’s cousin however time evaded me and I didn’t get them sent out in time. I’m super mad at myself for that :(! Her baby is much too big now for these newborn sizes. I have made her 2 new sets that I’m hoping will fit her baby (hubby is mailing them out come Monday) but these cutie patootie sets are up for sale!

There is a complete newborn Fireman Outfit that includes a fireman hat, adjustable diaper cover with adjustable suspenders and booties. A sweet, crocheted heart is attached where the suspenders cross over in the back. This outfit is really too cute!

There is a complete Sock Monkey Outfit that includes a hat, adjustable diaper cover and pom-pom booties! I am really proud of how well the details stand out on the hat! Babies look so adorable in earflap hats! 

There is an adorable Elf Set that includes an elf hat and pom-pom booties! Made with baby soft yarn in mint green and cream colors. Just too cute!

Lastly, I added another Fireman Hat sold separately. It is slightly smaller in size.

I didn’t use any patterns when making these cute outfits and I’m sure I will kick myself in the future for not writing out the patterns I created. I just made these up as I crocheted along! I am already kicking myself for not having made any of these when our boys were newborns! Duh!¬†

Grand Slam Baseball Crochet Afghan


Finished the Grand Slam Baseball Crochet Afghan! I created the design and the afghan has been donated to the GMHS baseball program. It will be raffled off at the community spaghetti dinner next month. All proceeds will go to the baseball program. I had a lot of fun making this afghan.


I wanted it to be evident it was for baseball and I’ve got to give my hubby lots of credit on the design. I originally was going to make a gazillion little baseballs and sew them together. The hubby sat down with a blank piece of paper and created the pattern. He thought some large baseballs with the small baseballs would really stand out. Man was he right! I am loving this pattern and super proud of it. It may be my favorite creation yet. I say that now but I have started on the football afghan design and well, football is my favorite sport, lol! This Grand Slam Baseball Afghan crochet pattern is available for purchase in my ETSY STORE and on RAVELRY for only $6.00.


It’s Friday folks! Have a GREAT weekend!

Basketball Block Throw – Crochet Pattern

I have been working hard on creating a basketball pattern to crochet. The finished throw will be raffled off by the GMHS Cruisers Basketball moms to help pay for the end of season banquet. I searched high and low for a crochet basketball pattern. I couldn’t find any that I liked. So I basically created one from scratch! I think it turned out really fantastic! I also took the time to write out the directions and to also take pictures along the way. The finished pattern is 9 pages long and full of photos! 10 different stitches are used in this crochet pattern so it is a challenge. But the end product is so striking! You won’t go wrong making this for your favorite basketball player or fan! Switch up the colors to match your favorite team’s colors! The pattern is available for purchase in my Ravelry shop for only $6 (also in my Etsy shop for $6)! You will receive a very detailed and colorful pattern of my original design!


Or you can buy it from my Etsy shop HERE

I really loved how this turned out and hope the basketball moms are able to raise lots of money!


UPDATE I: Great news! The afghan was raffled off and raised $120 for the basketball team. I received quite a few compliments and the response was fantastic. I am just really excited that I was able to contribute to the team. It just goes to show that one person can make a difference. Everyone has something to offer. So give just to give and for no other reason. Giving is the best feeling in the world!

Mickey Mouse Crochet Hat Pattern

il_570xN.303540747I have finally finished writing out my original pattern to create this Mickey Mouse Earflap Hat!

Page 1

It is a crochet pattern made for the intermediate/expert level. No matter your skill level, you will be able to create this hat following the 5-page, step-by-step pattern that includes photos and templates.

Page 5

It also includes directions on how to make this hat in a Toddler size or a Teen/Adult size!


I literally made it from scratch! I get tons of “awwwwws” when Spencer wears his hat out and about!


If you crochet, check out this affordable pattern found in my Etsy Shop HERE or on Ravelry . Ravelry  and Etsy both have automatic downloads once payment is received. Thanks for your interest!