Steve’s Grippos Fried Chicken

If you haven’t had Grippos BBQ Chips yet then you have not lived life to its fullest! Grippos are these amazing potato chips that are heavily (I mean heavily) coated in a sweet, tangy and packed with heat mix of spices! This isn’t a light dusting of tease you into wishing for more flavor…it is a “you’ve-been-punched-in-the-face-and-you-better-have-a-gallon-of-water-next-to-you” flavor packed chip!

They are simply addicting!

While the hubby, Steve, was licking his covered with Grippos’ dust fingers, it hit him! Grippos need crushed up and used as breading for fried chicken! When the hubby comes up with a recipe…everybody stand back because he may be a “rough-n-tough-Harley-riding-I-am-all-man” kind of guy but he is secretly a culinary super hero (with a cape and all)! There are tons of potato chip fried chicken recipes floating around in cyberspace but Grippos take it to a whole other level you won’t ever want to come back from!

So off to the kitchen he went and created the most amazing, tender & heavily flavored fried chicken strips! Just like the chips, you were hit with flavor and after swallowing down on a little piece of heaven…the heat would come back to give you a little kick to remind you that you are still eating Grippos BBQ Chips!

Booyah! I hit the motherload when it comes to AWESOME hubbies! Steve has no enemies and you don’t just “like” Steve when you meet him…you love him and secretly wish he had a brother you could marry since he is already taken! He does have a baby sister though…

Here’s the recipe in a nutshell…all in one pic! How much of each ingredient is up to you! Hope you enjoy Steve’s Grippos Fried Chicken recipe!


6 thoughts on “Steve’s Grippos Fried Chicken

  1. Great idea! Is not always possible to make barbecue sauce is not always the case at hand. And the chips – have always) . I’ll have to try to cook

  2. Soooo, a fried informed me that Grippo’s came out with a Bar-B-Q sauce! Shut the front door! Wonder if it would be overload if we marinated the chicken in the sauce and still coated it with crushed Grippo’s potato chips??? I think my husband will be flipping out!

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